Data Policy

If you would like to use ArtsAPI, you will need to sign the data agreement. Swirrl, our technology partner will also sign the aggreement. Hard copies will be exchanged. You can download the full agreement as a PDF here.

Below is a summary overview of how we will use your data and what we will do with it. If you have any specific queries please do contact us.

Once you upload your data, we will be extracting the information ‘To’ and ‘From’ fields only. This information will be used to form the graph and other information ArtsAPI generates.

If you allow us to mine your data for keywords, then we will automatically process the content of your emails to test for the presence of specific words. No-one will read the content and the message content will not be stored in the database. You can find a list of these words in the keyword ontology below.

At any stage you may ask us to delete your data and we will delete all of your data immediately. We will delete all of your data as a matter of course on 31st August 2016. it is useful for your data to remain in the system so you can add more data at any point, creating even deeper insight.

You have full IP and ownership over your data. The data and the insight it generates will not be shared with anyone. The only people that will have access to it are the data processors, Swirrl. They have signed an agreement to say that they will not share your data or the insight it generates with anyone. ArtsAPI is a tool for you to use that will allow you to see your own data in new ways.

We will not be pooling or cross referencing your data with data from any other organisation.

After the email data has been processed, the original emails are deleted from the ArtsAPI server. Only the processed To, From and Keyword data is retained. Access to this processed data is limited to the registered user for the owning organisation.

Download the Keyword Ontology here.

Click here to find out why we are analysing your data for these specific words – what is the rationale behind the Keyword Ontology?