Ed Carter

Ed Carter devises and creates interdisciplinary projects that are context-specific, with a focus on sound, collaboration, process and technology. He takes patterns, associations, rhythms and chronology, and uses these to form the structures of new site- specific projects. Much of Ed’s work is inspired by the notion employed by architect and composer Iannis Xenakis, who believed a single artistic thought can be represented mathematically through any medium.

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David Cranmer

David Cranmer has been creating electronic and mechanical sculptures since 1998. These have been used to delight audiences in a variety of venues worldwide. He has produced installations for events including Southbank Ether Festival, Kinetica Art Fair, Frieze Art Fair and HKW Worldtronics Berlin. Time spent in the special effects industry has fine tuned his love of dangerous machinery and dramatic engineering, and a keen interest in experimental audio has led to many sculptures taking the form of unusual musical instruments.