How much email data do you need?

To make the tool worthwhile we will need data from 10 individuals or all of your colleagues – whichever is the greater. We will need the inbox and sent items from the last 12 months. This amount of data will give you a useful amount of insight.

The import tool has a hard limit on the size of uploads it can handle – each file cannot exceed 1GB in size, or it will fail to upload.

Why is it useful to see your connections and your network in this way?

The business models for ArtsAPI are constantly evolving. Furthermore, as ArtsAPI can be used by all types of art organisation, we cannot be too specific. However, we have some examples of how you might like to use the information it generates here.

We are looking for two organisations who are interested in acting as case studies for ArtsAPI. This would mean we will work with you to help you understand exactly what the insight ArtsAPI derives means for you and your organisation. Please contact us if you are interested.

Some of my connections are not being shown in the visualisation; why is that?

Heuristics are used to work out which connections are statistically more significant in terms of the weight of email exchanged. This is expressed by the weight of edges in the graph. Only more statistically significant connections are shown as part of the visualisation.

Alongside our arts partners we trialled ways we could visualise everyone in your network but the graph was just too busy and ultimately stopped making sense. If we had more time and resources this is definitely an element of the project we would develop further.

How do I search for an organisation?

Once you have tagged an organisation with a human-readable name, you will be able to search for it by that name using the search field in the top bar.

How do I search for a person?

Search for a person by using the search field in the top bar of the ArtsAPI tool. There may be a number of people in the system with the same name, or the system might have an incorrect name for a person as a result of user error – this is very common. To ensure you find the person you are looking for, you are advised to search for them by email address, rather than name.

Where can I find the code from ArtsAPI? Is it open source?

Indeed it is, you can find it on Github here.

Are there any plans to develop ArtsAPI further?

We would love to spend more time developing ArtsAPI. The resources provided by the Digital R&D fund for the arts gave us 12 months to spend on ArstAPI from provocation through to what you can see today. The simple answer to this question is that currently there are no plans to develop it further, but with some further investment there is plenty to build on.